Google Cardboard Bulk Orders

Use Google Cardboard for promotional use? We know big orders.

With close ties to facilities in China and our own manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands and Germany, we guarantee fast delivery for VR Cardboard bulk orders.

We offer a variety of printing options, for our cardboards and packaging.

Google Cardboard: effective as an advertising medium

Google Cardboards with your own brand name, logo and according to your styleguide.?Printed, branded VR cardboards.

White with a sticker, or full-color printed

Unprinted cardboards are standard white. If required, we can produce and deliver a wide variety of stickers with your logo. This ensures a great result at a low price.

For more options, such as headbands, check out the Cardboard page.


The possibilities

By default, only the outside is printed. Inside, the cardboards have a white color.

It is also possible to print the cardboard on both sides. We are happy to inform you about the options.

Optionally, we can also provide the Cardboard with gloss, matt or soft-touch lamination.

Examples of Cardboard Owl customers. . .

With giftwrap

Foldable, with tear-strip, or tailor-made delivery packaging


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Advantages of Google Cardboard as an advertising medium

Google Cardboard is a simple system, but this modest piece of cardboard with plastic lenses has some interesting advantages over competitors:

  • The price is very low, the official Google Cardboard now costs $ 15, other manufacturers offer even cheaper variants.
  • The Cardboard works with virtually all smartphones including most Android and Apple devices.
  • No own “ecosystem” is required in addition to a compatible smartphone. Oculus has its own platform for the Rift and the Gear VR. In contrast, the Cardboard works with any application that is suitable for the VR.
  • Cardboard has more applications and content for different systems than other VR headsets.
  • Although it is possible to attach the cardboard with a headband, it can also be easily held in the hand. In situations with many people in a small area such as a school event, this makes the experience safer.

Creative with VR Cardboard large orders

The big advantage of Cardboard is the way in which it can be processed, ideal for bulk orders. You can easily fold the Google Cardboard, for example in the form of a smartphone holder. For this, large orders of vr glasses are needed.

There are several brands of drinks that have a six-pack of beer or coke designed so that you can fold a VR headset out of it, with the brand name prominently displayed on the cardboard. McDonald’s released a Happy Meal with a cardboard packaging that can be folded into a cardboard complete with the familiar red and yellow smile. This has made the inexpensive Google Cardboard a giveaway that allows customers to advertise certain brands for free.

Google Cardboard Alternatives for Advertising

You can have a Google Cardboard printed on it with logo, and there are many sunny VR cardboards that enable virtual reality with a smartphone, and which are very good to use as promotional items. The difference between these brackets and the Google Cardboard is not just the price, but above all the simplicity of the modification.

It is much easier to print on a piece of cardboard than having a plastic container made with different components. Also, the Cardboard design is very compact and easy to stow. Google Card printed This way you will find cardboards everywhere, even after an event where they were dealt.

A cardboard can be printed with, for example, a company name, a product logo or another message. The design is flat and made of cardboard, which means that the costs are relatively low.

Content is King

Using a Google Cardboard as an ad does not work well without a smartphone and the right VR apps. Having your own VR app develop or own 360 video production is not a bad idea. But that’s not necessary: ??there are enough apps that the recipients of your VR promotional products can use. And the best Google Cardboards are VR Cardboards with logo, ordered in large quantities, for example for marketing purposes.

In addition to videos and panoramic photos, there are also real games and applications available. Designing an app is usually not cheap, but there are alternative ways to create interactive content at affordable prices, even for smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Think of a company’s virtual tours based on panoramic images or a creative 360-degree video. This type of content is much cheaper than a computer game. It’s the combination of Cardboard and content that makes a difference. Incidentally, you can also have Google Cardboard printed and show foreign content. For example, a manufacturer of surfboards that show a collection of water sports videos, or a travel agency can offer panoramic views of popular holiday destinations. The content must be relevant to the company or brand, and if so, the user must first ask the manufacturer of the content for approval.

It’s (not) about the brand

Nobody wants to see only a brand logo in 360 degrees, the content must also appeal. You can think of a number of applications that are directly related to the company, but that depends heavily on the industry in which you operate. For example, these industries can easily use VR:

A broker makes VR presentations of the houses that are for sale. Customers can then take a virtual tour of the house in the office or even at home before scheduling an appointment.

A wholesaler wants to show how effectively his company works. By taking a series of short and informative 360-degree videos, you can give customers a look behind the scenes. If budget allows, you can, for example, shoot with a famous actor or presenter to make the video more interesting.

Event organizers can capture past issues in 360 degrees to keep the public warm for the next edition. Do not just think about music, but also about amusement parks that give customers a look behind the entrance gates.

Experience with Google Cardboard in 360 degrees

A popular way to apply branding in VR is the link to charity. Sponsorship has long been a matter of course, but with a powerful 360-degree video you bring the message much closer.

Empathy: perfect for VR Cardboard as an advertising medium

A strange effect of Virtual Reality is the feeling of empathy. VR Video puts you in a different world, making it feel almost real. As the emotions of the audience are addressed, a company can capitalize on it. This can be very cynical to sell a 360 video with products, so you can do it differently. Well-known media such as The New York Times and The Guardian have already produced several productions to raise awareness about serious issues such as a visit to Chernobyl and a simulation of a prison cell.

The manufacturer of the sports drink Gatorade showed a video in which you step into the shoes of professional athletes. The topics can be serious or airy and it does not always take to go around the brand to make an impact.

If you are not convinced of the immediate empathy and emotion that can create a 360 degree video with Google Cardboard, you should definitely see the short animation “Pearl” once. It was not for nothing that the first film was nominated for an Oscar.

Better VR videos on YouTube

According to Google, most of the time spent in VR with YouTube, 360 video clips are a simple introduction to the virtual world. No interaction is needed from the viewer, and especially if Panorama is produced by experienced filmmakers, the viewer has the feeling of being able to look around freely, but is subtly controlled by the way the pictures are taken , For a bulk order, VR Cardboards bulk, you can expect your (potential) customers to use Google Carboards on YouTube as well. So a Google Carboard bulk order remains relevant for the end customer for a long time.

Because the image of the YouTube video player for Google Cardboard was often slightly distorted, they have implemented a new way of looking at it. This is usually not noticed right away, but the image is sharper and less distorted and the viewing experience is better. 360-degree video is ideal for short presentations, but because of the amount of information available to the viewer, there is no need to make a full-length movie available through the Cardboard headset at this time.

Here is playing the music

Since Cardboard’s experience invites even short sessions, 360 music videos are ideal for simple VR presentations. If you want to draw attention to a brand or a product, the combination with an artist or a group is very interesting. For example, the video of Moses Sumney, which serves to promote the Honda Civic:

The artist D?WN uses computer animation for music videos. With digital images, the impossible becomes possible, digital production is cheaper in some cases and the manufacturer has the ultimate control over the image:

The Naive New Beaters have split the picture into three different parts. This makes it easier for the viewer to track everything and this is also a good example of how to steer viewers to relevant information in the image:

Facebook 360 degree video

In addition to Google YouTube, Facebook was also very fast to implement 360-degree video. This made sense because Facebook is the owner of Oculus VR, the developer of the Oculus Rift VR headset and software for the Samsung Gear VR. For the content producers have some interesting options, such as the analysis of the viewing direction added. The developer can then see which parts of the images are seen more, which are especially for marketing and branding very interesting information.

Facebook and Google are the biggest names in advertising and VR, so the combination is invaluable. For example, VR uses advertising and Google Cardboard as an advertising medium, for example as a giveaway. You need a bulk order and a VR Carboard wholesaler. At Cardboard Owl you are right.

The problem with Google Daydream

After the great success of the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR, Google came out with a full Daydream VR platform. Although this system already exists for several months, the acceptance is very low. This is due to a number of things:

  • The Daydream View Headset works with only a few Android devices.
  • Daydream is a closed ecosystem.
  • There is a lack of interesting content.
  • The price is much higher than a cardboard.
  • The design can not be customized or printed, which is probably the case with Google Cardboard.

In particular, the final point is that Daydream is just a new “VR headset,” not the unique Google Cardboard system.

The best games for Google Cardboard

If you want to make a big order VR Cardboards, you probably also want to know what you can do with it. As already mentioned; the content is king and luckily you do not need to spend hundreds of thousands or millions developing games.

Anyone who gets a Google Cardboard under pressure can use it not only for business presentations, but for all the other cardboard content as well. As the players look at the screen, the environment sees the pressure on the cardboard. And therein lies the success of Google Cardboard. Here are just a few examples of fun Cardboard games that are now available on the App Store. Sometimes for a fee, often for free. (See also: Top 10 Cardboard Games)


A free and stylish puzzle game for both children and adults. Since the player can not move freely, it will not be bad, which may well be the case with some other VR games.

A chair in a room

A mysterious adventure in a dark room where you have to find hidden objects. A good introduction to VR games and completely free to play.

End Space VR

A true space shooter with great graphics and a professional look. This game shows that the Google Cardboard experience is not by definition worse than with larger headsets.

In Mind and In Cell

These two games are easy to play, very well made and yet free. In Mind and In Cell are different in gameplay, but share the same basic concept and style.

Trinus VR

This is not a game but an app interface to play PC games on a Google Cardboard system. This can be very interesting for some applications.

Printed Google Cardboards are increasingly being used at events such as the Festival Coachella in California or the Mr.Robot live presentation. For it, bulk Google Cardboard orders are needed. Now it’s also possible to stream Video 360 live, showcase presentations all over the world and attend concerts together, marketing agencies and others place large google cardboards orders with logo, printed and branded more often. The cardboard is not just a piece of cardboard and two plastic lenses: it?s promotional material.