Google Cardboard 2.0 quality requirements

The Cardboard Owl meets the quality requirements set by Google?s Cardboard version 2.?It provides a superior experience compared to other Cardboard VR viewers.

Easy & Quick

The Cardboard is made out of one piece. Ready to use after just 2 simple steps.?Start your experience in 10 seconds.

Secured against sliding and falling

Due to the unique border at the side, you smartphone will be secured against falling out the cardboard. The elastic will hold the smaller smartphone in the right place for the best VR experience.

Suited for all smartphones

Suitable for all smartphones, big or small. By using the elastic, smaller smartphone will be held in the right place. You can bend the border on the side of the cardboard, when using larger smartphones like the Nexus.


Use smartphone

You can find a thumb hole at the bottom of the cardboard. Using this you can control the smartphone easily. C
Compared to other Carboard VR models this system will always work.?

Handsfree VR

The optional headband allows a hands-free virtual reality experience>
For extra comfort and durability, we offer a protective edge for the nose and eyes.


Free sample, want a quotation or do you need more information? Minimum order 500 pcs.

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